Sunday, October 21, 2007

God's Personal Love Message

This is a message from God through our beloved brother, Joel Justin George. Here is God's Personal Love Message to you.


Stella and Joel and Jesus at the back

I dunno why I'm writing this... Maybe its cause I'm happier now... But one thing is for sure, is that God L-O-V-E-S all of you. For the blessed children of God... I hope that what I write will help some of you who reads this... BTW, I'm trusting the Lord to do this, something is just telling me to write this. Okay, here it goes;

My children,
I love you all,
Hath you been mourning,
Turn O children to me,
I will wipe away your tears,
Come to me and i will give you hope,
For all your burdens,
I will lift them,
Don't lose courage in what you do,
All signs will be revealed,
All words shall be spoken,
That I am here for you.

My sons,
Be strong and valiant,
Be with me and I promise power,
Haven't found it yet?
Don't worry, it will come,
And my sons,
Be like eagles,
Be like the wind,
Strong and yet caring,
I will guide you,
Across the river that flows,
The raging waters,
All will part in My name,
Go forth and do what you must,
There are those who will be there for you,
In your times of doubt,
But don't let loneliness grip you,
Don't let anger and greed tempt you,

My daughters,
As beautiful as you are,
Mighty shall you become,
As radiant as the stars,
Your beauty shall shine,
I shall accompany you,
All the days of your life,
I will carry you in My arms,
I shall not let you fall,
But i request that you remain still,
And not let anything bother you,
Just believe in Me,
Believe that I will do what I will do,
Trust in My words,
For they are everlasting,
Though Heaven and earth fall,
My word will stay forever,
Raise your faith and broaden your mind,
To the wonders that will be done in all of you.

My dear children,
This message I have sent to you,
Now that you have read this,
Believe that it is I,
Believe the works I did, am doing and the works that I am going to do,
All My actions, are out of Love,
Listen to My words,
Listen to My chosen people,
This child may know nothing,
But he is writing what I have said,
Now go forth into the world,
Never lose hope,
Never lose courage,
I am everything that you need,
Now and forevermore,
With this, I bid you all,
My children,
To each and everyone of you.


P.S. Children, read this Jeremiah 31:3.


ehon said...

i'm surprised to see Reach Out!'s link here! :D haha. rightiooo!

Sophia said...

I'm touched by that simple message from the Father. Thanks to Joel for it.

Kel92 said...

Praise the Lord for passing that message thru Joel!! ^^