Friday, October 19, 2007

Bible Knowledge

This is a friendly message from Benedict Lo

Cheli just came back from a course organised by the education
ministry (exam section). we were told to target at least 3,000
students to sit for SPM Bible Knowlege paper from next year onwards. if we fail to do so, this subject will be abolished. in short, we
Christian teachers will one avenue less to reach out to students or
build Bible foundations.

Why the ministry is doing this is because out of over 300 thousands
students sitting for SPM every year, only 600-700 students enrol for
SPM bible knowledge . It does not benefit the ministry at all.
many parents do not allow their children to sit for this particular
paper because they fear for their children will not be able to score

All the students need to study are these: Luke and the Acts of the
Apostles. the examiners are Christians and they will not fail the
students on purpose. it will not be a burden to the students to take
this extra subject up especially for those church kids as they have
foundation in the bible in one way or another ( through sermons or
sunday school).

Many years back, the education ministry threaten to close down
chinese literature and tamil language. The ministry gave them targets
too. the MCA & MIC stepped in. MCA helped by encouraging and
challenging all chinese students to enrol for the said subject. the
MIC bought books and distributed to the indians. Both subjects are

We Christians has no political party or organisation to champion for
our cause. the church must help to create an awareness among church, parents and youths. we don't want God to be taken out of schools in
this country. We also encourage non Christian students to enrol for
this subject. we convince them that it's not a tough subject to
score. in this way, we are teaching out to them.

The Holy Bible is vital in our lives as a Christian

Please help to pass the word around. I hope you this issue will also
touch your heart as the family issue does. I also hope priests and pastors in
different churches will also see this not as a small/ not important


Anonymous said...

It is a relief to know that....

No plan to abolish Bible Knowledge

KUALA LUMPUR: The e-mail alleging that the Education Ministry is planning to abolish the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Bible Knowledge paper if there are fewer than 3,000 candidates is not true, the Malayan Christian Schools Council said.

In a statement, the council said the e-mail was sent to many church leaders and it alleged if the number of candidates taking Bible Knowledge for SPM did not reach 3,000 by 2008, the paper would be abolished.

“There was no such intention of threat made. The Education Ministry official merely challenged the Christian community to try their best to raise the number of Bible Knowledge candidates to 3,000 by the year 2010.

“As such, the council would like to appeal again to church leaders, pastors and parents to encourage their children to take up Bible Knowledge for SPM,” the statement said.

Taken from The Star,23th October 2007

Anonymous said...

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