Thursday, December 6, 2007

Understanding the Word

Here's a little something I took from our bible sharing yesterday...

Understanding the Word (Lectio Divina)

Step 1 : Reading
What does this passage mean?

Step 1 is really basic la... u can't understand unless you read ^^


Step 1 means that you have to read the passage over and over again until you've understood it fully. Here's a tip, as you read the words, read them one by one and try to imagine an image of the passage when you reading. It helps a lot!

Step 2 : Meditation
Is there a special message for me??

Basically, after you read, try to look for some verses that somehow strikes you. There's always something!! That's for sure...

Find the verses that somehow relate to your life, it may answer you questions about common Christian issues like sin and God's Love.

Step 3 : Contemplation
What is God saying to me personally???

This part is kinda hard, unless you really really want to hear... This is the part when you actually try to listen to what God himself is trying to tell you...

Try saying this:
Here I am in God's presence, He speaks to me and within me, Lord open my heart to listen to you

In every conversation, there's two basic things, which is...

  1. The Desire to Be Understood
  2. The Desire to Listen

There's no doubt that God has an unlimited desire to be understood, what's left is just your desire to listen...

Step 4 : Prayer
After reflecting on the passage and inspired by it, I respond to God. I praise and glorify God. How can I build an intimate relationship with God who loves me???

This part, really is about honesty and being true to God. Tell God about everything that you want. Close your eyes and just say your thoughts. Every person has a different prayer and every prayer shall not be left unheard by our daddy.

Step 5 : Action
How does God want me to live by his Word in a special way??

This part is where changes do take a permanent place in your life. Think about what should you do tomorrow and the next day and other days. You want to leave a permanent mark of what you have felt and prayed for in your life and ultimately, everyone around you...

Help this helps you in your bible reading!!!

By the way, our bible sharing are held:

Venue :BSC Parish Hall
Time :7:00pm

Date :Every Wednesday

Bring your friends!!! See you there!

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